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"Society Vs You" is not just a self-help book, it is a tool that empowers you to take control of your life. Expect to gain a better understanding of yourself, discover your true passions, and learn how to break free from societal limitations.

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This book is a home run on so many levels! I started applying these principles and incorporating them in my everyday walks of life IMMEDIATELY! This is a must read! This book has power! Power that if implemented can change the world! It should be law that everyone must read this! It's truly unbelievable how this book is transforming my reality. I was in a dark place and this book has helped me get back to my true self. I wish I could meet the author.

Wiley C, Amazon

The key message of this book is that life is a game, and the universe is the board. Society is the opposing player, attempting to mold individuals into conforming to its standards. This book gives strategies and insights on how to beat society at the game. I'm on my third go around reading this book. It's more of a study guide for me at this point as it makes so much sense to me. This book is a b.i.b.l.e ( basic instructions before leaving earth). I suggest everyone to pick it up and start Living the life that you should truly be living.

KC, Amazon



One take away from this book is that our best route to controlling the world around us is by controlling the world inside us. By adopting a healthy approach to how we think, we can automatically change the opportunities that we encounter and our ability to recognize and act on them when they present themselves.

Rick Massey, Amazon


This will be one of the most thoughtful books I have read in many years, “Society Vs You” will force you to think deeply about your own life. I have never seen an author expose their emotions and life as much as Sunni T. Connor has in this insightful book. I could not turn the pages quick enough and absorb the dozens of powerful tips and suggestions.

Robbie Jones, Amazon


This is an enlightening read that brilliantly navigates the complexities of societal norms and expectations. Connor's insight into overcoming limited beliefs imposed by society is nothing short of transformative. The book is accessible, explaining universal laws in a way that's easy to understand and empowering.

Marissa, Amazon


This book is helpful to confront limiting beliefs around money, fear, energy, and untamed thoughts. Using the laws of the universe, I better know how to choose the inner-self over the ego-self society created.

Sara, Amazon

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